OER User Agreement

OER User Agreement

By using the OER Site, you agree to follow the rules set forth on these web pages. From time to time we may revise this User Agreement, including its Online Privacy Statement, so be sure to check these web pages occasionally. If we do make material changes, we will post a notice on our home page that the User Agreement has been modified and provide a link to the revised User Agreement. When you continue to use the OER Site after we post a change, it means you agree to the new rules.


Except where otherwise indicated, the OER owns or licenses the copyright in all the materials on the OER Site, including text, graphics, logos, button icons, audio clips, video clips, photographs, and software, and those rights are protected by United States and international copyright laws and other intellectual property laws (“OER Content”). To the extent your use of material on the OER Site does not constitute “fair use” for which you do not need our permission, the following rules apply to use of the material:

Automatically Permitted Distribution. Unless the specific web page from which OER text material is available indicates you may not do so, you may copy or distribute text materials that appear on the OER Site, in print or digital format, subject to three limitations:

  1. You may not use the materials for any commercial purpose, including any purpose connected with the sale of goods or services;
  2. You may not make editorial changes to material you attribute to us; and
  3. You may not excerpt, juxtapose, or present attributed material in any way that is misleading as to our original editorial intent, or as to your relationship with us.

You may also copy or distribute OER Content that is not OER text materials if and only to the extent that the specific launching page from which that OER Content is accessible, and/or the OER Content itself, explicitly indicates that the OER Content may be distributed in a specified manner, subject to the same three limitations stated above.

All distributed copies, whether of text or non-text materials, must display the following copyright notice:

Copyright 2019 Operation End Run, Inc.
Originally posted by the OER at [complete address of source page].